Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to the frequent questions below to learn about Stand Up Stations products and processes. You can also reference our product guide here. If you still have other questions, send us a message here or request pricing here. You can also call 800-413-9490 for help any time.

Sanitizer, Dispenser, and Station Questions

You can choose either Gel or Liquid sanitizer for your order. Both of these sanitizers use the CDC recommended formula (70% ethyl alcohol) and produced in Dallas, TX.


We carry manual (by special order only) and automatic dispensers that accept our bulk liquid sanitizer. You simply open up the dispenser and pour in the sanitizer to re-fill.  

Yes! Our sanitizer is available in bulk and travel size bottles (liquid and gel).

Yes, we offer a monthly refill program. Please email for more information or call 800-413-9490.

It comes in one-gallon jugs. Simply pour the sanitizer solution into the dispenser reservoir.

You can get on average 5,000 dispenses per gallon.

Yes, you can just buy stations without the dispensers or sanitizer. Just let us know what you need and we will put together a custom quote.

Many stations feature an automatic dispenser, which is not waterproof. For outdoor projects please call 800-413-9490 ex 1 or email to discuss our weatherproof manual dispensers for your project.

We offer both highly-portable and semi-permanent stations. Our stations range from 12lbs to 82lbs and are not fixed to the ground. You are welcome to transport your station as needed, but the units stand up on their own wherever you place them!

Lead time & Inventory Questions

Several of our products are ready to ship as soon as one business day! Our customized items are typically ready to ship in 3-5 business days after finishing the design process with our in-house designer.Larger orders or more complex customizations can impact lead times. Feel free to contact us at 800-413-9490 ext 1 for more details.

To discuss bulk pricing and lead time estimates on your order, please call us at 800-413-9490 ex 1, or email for a consultation

Our stock is constantly changing. You can always call 800-413-9490, to get the most up-to-date lead time.

Shipping Questions

1-10 business days depending on your order and location. It ships from 75006.

Shipping varies depending on items and volume. You can build an order at, add items to your cart and view shipping charges at checkout. You can also contact us at 800-413-9490 ex 1, or email for a consultation

Yes, we can work with your freight carrier and help arrange a pick-up.

We cannot ship these stations assembled. Minor assembly is required. To view assembly videos, please go to

Design Questions

Yes, we can send you the design template for both stands and help you finalize them.

Yes. We need the high-res version of your logo (preferably vector) and we can turn-around a design in 2 business days.

Yes. We can send you some options to choose from.

Yes, on most of our stands re-branding is available for a nominal fee. Please contact for more information”


Go to to see the features and purchase the stations.

If you would like to pay with a bank account, please email and he will send an invoice. For orders over 25 stations, please email for a custom quote.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, all sales are final and we do not accept returns.