About the Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser 

Touchless battery-operated hand sanitizer dispenser that can be mounted onto a wall.

The dispensers have universal, refillable 1200mL reservoirs that can be filled with any bulk liquid or gel sanitizer. Simply choose the dispenser type: Gel or Liquid Spray.

  • The Gel Dispenser works with gel sanitizer and it will drop the gel onto hands. 
  • The Liquid Spray Dispenser works with liquid spray sanitizer, spraying onto hands in a fine mist

It includes an infrared sensor for non-touch operation and drip tray so floors stay dry.

Works with C Batteries. 4 – 1.5V batteries required (Batteries or adapter plug is NOT INCLUDED). It also has a lock to help prevent theft and vandalism, as well as an On & Off button.

Included with every dispenser order:

  • Touchless automatic dispenser with refillable reservoir
  • Drip tray
  • Mounting tools for installation on wall


  • 1 Gallon of gel or liquid hand sanitizer, WHO-recommended formula (80% alcohol)
  • Water-absorbent mat
  • C batteries (4-pack)


Product Specs

Width 5.75"
Depth 4"
Height 10.75"
Dispenser Color White
Dispenser Accent Color Black Stripe
Dispenser Type Automatic
Dispenser Capacity 1200mL
Dispenser Power 4 C Batteries (not included)
Material ABS Plastic
Orientation Vertical
SKU 11671401071-W
Use Indoor Only
GTIN 00860004351535