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Standard Sanitizer Station Package


The Standard Station is an American-made sanitizer stand with a customizable faceplate.

Includes a touchless automatic refillable dispenser with drip tray.

FREE customization and design services included.

Availability: Pre-Designed option ships in 1-2 business days.
Custom-Branded ships in 2-3 business days from when designs are approved.

Design Options

  • Clean Hands
    Hands in Drop
    Drop onto Hand
    Spread Love - Black Background
    Spread Love - White Background
  • After your order is complete, our service team will send you templates needed for your custom designs and let you know how to submit completed designs.
  • After your order is complete, our service team will reach out to request a logo or other brand assets to be used in your custom design. You will receive a digital proof of your designs to approve before we manufacture your order.

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About the Standard Station

The Standard Station is designed to stand out and encourage hand hygiene at stores, schools, restaurants, and office buildings. The stand is hand-welded in Dallas, TX and finished with a sleek black powder-coat. Each station features a 9″ x 8″ customizable faceplate for personalization. Intended for indoor use only.

Included with every station:

  • Premium powder-coated steel stand
  • Touch-less, battery-operated sanitizer dispenser with drip tray
  • Option to customize the faceplate with your logo or use a generic design
  • Simple assembly tools and instructions
  • Mounting adhesive to attach the dispenser


  • Liquid or Gel sanitizer solution ($35-50)
  • Water-absorbent mat ($30)


When does it ship? Pre-Designed option ships in 1-2 business days. Custom-Branded ships in 2-3 business days from when designs are approved.

Do I have to use a custom design? No, you can choose one of our pre-designed options.

Where does it ship from? It ships from Dallas, TX.

Where is it made? The Standard Station is manufactured in Dallas, TX. The dispenser is imported.

What is the station made out of? The stand is high-quality steel and is available with a grey or black powder-coated finish.

How much does it weigh? It weighs 22 lbs.

Why would I need a Standard station? The Standard station is ideal for high-traffic areas such as entryways, walkways, and concourses. Its attractive design allows for prominent placement and high-volume usage, which invites and encourages hand hygiene.

Does it cost any more to add my logo? No, customization is included. If you would like your station faster, choose a generic, pre-designed option.

Can you design the creative for my station? Yes, after payment, you will email your high-resolution logos, fonts, and colors to us and we will design it for you.

Can I design the creative for my station? Yes, after payment, we will send you a template and you can create your own design. We’ll work with you to make sure it looks perfect before printing.

What are the dimensions of the branding area? 9” x 8”

Can I use any sanitizer in this? The dispenser has a universal, refillable 1200mL reservoir that takes most liquid or gel sanitizer. 

Does it take foam sanitizer? No, it does not.

Is it touchless? Yes, there is an infrared sensor that automatically dispenses when your hand is underneath.

How does it dispense? Is it like a spray or like a drop? It drops, it does not spray. 

How many dispenses will I get before I need to refill the reservoir? You will get roughly 1600 dispenses before needing to refill the reservoir.

Do I need to plug it in? No, it is battery-powered.

What kind of batteries does it take? It takes four (4) C Batteries (1.5 V)

Are batteries included? No, batteries are not included.

Can I use this station outside? No, the Standard station is for indoor use only. The dispenser is not waterproof and it could malfunction or start to rust if it is exposed to the elements.

How many dispenses before I need to change the batteries? 30,000 dispenses

How do I get refills from you? You can order more gallons on our website here: Hand Sanitizer Gel

What kind of sanitizer do you have? We have both liquid and gel sanitizer with the WHO-recommended formula (80% alcohol).

Do I have to buy refills from you? No, you can use any bulk liquid or gel sanitizer solution. Simply open the reservoir and pour in the solution from a gallon jug.

Does it have a warranty? We are not offering refunds or returns on our stands unless there is damage upon delivery, or there is a defect in materials or craftsmanship affecting the quality and functionality. See our limited warranty details here.

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Product Specs

Width 13"
Depth 11.5"
Height 57"
Weight 22 lbs
Brandable Area 9" tall x 8" wide
Color Black
Dispenser Type Automatic/Touchless
Stand Material Steel
Base Plate Material Steel
Orientation Vertical
SKU 03434444444
Use Indoor Only