About the Standard Station

The 22-lb Standard Station is designed to stand out and encourage hand hygiene at stores, schools, restaurants, and offices. Each station features a 9″ x 8″ customizable faceplate for personalization (included FREE) and the 1200mL refillable dispenser works with any bulk liquid or gel sanitizer.

Our easy-to-assemble stations have universal, refillable 1200mL reservoirs that can be filled with any bulk liquid or gel sanitizer. Simply choose the dispenser type: Gel or Liquid Spray.

  • The Gel Dispenser works with gel sanitizer and it will drop the gel onto hands. 
  • The Liquid Spray Dispenser works with liquid spray sanitizer, spraying onto hands in a fine mist

Included with every station:

  • Touchless, refillable sanitizer dispenser with drip tray
  • Premium powder-coated steel stand
  • Option to customize the faceplate with your logo or use a generic design
  • Simple assembly tools and instructions
  • Mounting adhesive to attach the dispenser


  • Liquid or Gel sanitizer solution ($35-50)
  • Water-absorbent mat ($30)
  • Batteries ($5)


Product Specs

Width 13"
Depth 11.5"
Height 57"
Weight 22 lbs
Brandable Area 9" tall x 8" wide
Color Black
Dispenser Type Automatic/Touchless
Stand Material Steel
Base Plate Material Steel
Orientation Vertical
SKU 03434444444
Use Indoor Only